“Monochrome bedrooms and green-tiled bathrooms. Barcelona's first design hotel on a shoestring leaves many pricier equivalents far behind.”
Monocle Travel Design Magazine(Abril 2011)

Luxurious interior design

Design and, above all, loads of comfort

The interior design in the Praktik Rambla is the work of Contemporain Studio, and is signed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, winner of the 2013 Architectural Digest España Prize awarded by the magazine of architecture and interior design. He is also the author of the interior designs of well known Barcelona establishments, among other venues. In the Praktik Rambla boutique hotel he conserved the original Art Nouveau elements of the building, such as the mouldings of the high ceilings or the mosaic floors (original 19th century tile work), and mixed them elegantly with parquet, modern lamps, vintage bathrooms, large, comfortable white beds, touches of design and elegance and, above all, loads of comfort.

At the Praktik we know what you’re looking for, what you like to feel and become familiar with, and we put it within easy reach. The Praktik is one of the reasons you'll return to Barcelona.